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Soft Pastel Chalk Set

Soft Pastel Chalk Set

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Soft Pastel Chalk Set

1. For professional painting, the powder is more delicate, suitable for smearing and overlapping colors, and the colors are bright. The four-corner shape is suitable for drawing thin/wide lines and large areas.
2. It is easy for children to grasp. Children can use it to doodle, decorate or make sidewalk masterpieces. These chalks can do any kind of work.
3. For any young boy or girl who wants to receive a gift, this exquisite chalk is an interesting gift choice.
4. Chalk is suitable for children's holiday toys and outdoor activities, and is a good supplement to holiday party supplies.
5. Safe and non-toxic. Our chalk is made of only the best materials and is absolutely safe for you and your family. Not easy to break. Less chalk dust.
6. Very suitable for families, schools, kindergartens, blackboards, commercial signs, etc.

Product information:

Color: 12 colors, 24 colors, 36 colors, 48 colors

Scope of application: drawing paper, cardboard, wood, hair dyeing, etc.
Packing: boxed
Specification: 0.8CM*0.7CM*5.9CM/piece
Features: The texture is moderately soft and hard, the color is rich, the toner is fine and well-proportioned, it is an inorganic with high light resistance and strong stability
Mineral pigments and organic pigments are highly respected by art work and many painters.

Package Content:

1 box of painting pens

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